Should I use cream or lotion on my face?

Should I use cream or lotion on my face?

Everyone wants to keep his face smooth, soft, hydrated, in a word wants to achieve a comfortable feeling over the skin. For this, people use some hydrating products like moisturizer cream or lotions. 

Lotion or cream which is best for the face? 

a hard question having no direct answer. depends on some factors. Both lotion and cream are intensely hydrating for the skin. They are intended to do the same functions but in a different way.

Two main ingredients of them are water and oil in a mixture form(not dissolve) but their composition is different. They both are colloidal substances having dispersed phase and dispersing phase.    

The dispersed phase suspends the solution and the dispersing phase has Brownian motion and Tyndall effect for this the mixture is not precipitated. The water to oil ratio in lotion and cream is different.

The face is the most exposed area of the body. So, wind, winter can directly dehydrate the skin of the face. To protect that condition and keep your face moisture, you should take measures to lock in moisture by using hydrating agents.

Lotion for face?             

Lotion helps to increase the hydration level of your dry skin. It consists of mainly water and oil in a mixture with higher water content. As water content is high, it is light-weight, non-greasy, and is quickly absorbed into the skin. Because of its liquid consistency, it is sold in a bottle, makes skin soft, smooth and hydrated.

It is applicable for all over the body and very much effective for oily, normal and little dry skin.Sometimes manufacturers use alcohol to give the lotion liquid nature. Avoid a lotion that contains alcohol, because alcohol may make your skin dry.

Being colloidal suspension, its dispersed phase is a solid or a liquid generally oil and the dispersing phase is water. This combination is known as oil in water and the water to oil ratio is very high. In fact, a few drops of oil are mixture with huge watery substances.

Cream for face?

A moisturizer, having thicker consistency than lotion, intensely hydrates the dry skin and prevents the evaporation of moisture from the skin. Like the lotion, it is a mixture of water and oil but lower water percentage than lotion. It is usually manufactured in jar-like containers. 

It is also a colloid but in this case, the dispersed phase is water and the dispersing phase is oil. This combination is known as water in oil.

Because of its thicker consistency, it restores and renews the natural protective barrier of the skin, prevents evaporation and draws moisture into the skin and locks it perfectly. It is effective for slightly dry to excessively dry skin.

Factors should be considered:

Your skin type

If your skin is dry to very much dry, you should choose a cream rather than a lotion. Because lotion is not much effective for hydration of that type of skin.

On the other hand, for oily skin, normal or slightly dry skin, the lotion is effective because of its lower consistency and rapid absorbance.    


Weather is a key factor because different weather has different effects on the skin.For hot, summer weather lotion is enough for hydration because it has not so much harsh effect on the skin.

But during cold weather, the skin has to face many harsh effects of the weather and it tends to become dry. so to prevent that condition lotion is not much effective and cream should be used. Creams are thicker than the lotions. 

Last of all

The face is the most exposed and sensitive skin area of the body. Any harsh effect from the exterior firstly affects the exposed areas. The skin over the face is the worst sufferer to dry effect and tends to become dry frequently than other areas and makes you look less attractive. So to prevent that dryness, you should take skincare measures and in this case lotion is not enough efficient.

In fact, I refer to cream rather than lotion in the case of facial areas. In the market, there present various types of creams. It is confusing for you to choose the better one for you. We review the 10 best creams in the world, you may go through the article. Thinking, it will help you to choose the better one for you.                    

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