How do you choose a good face moisturizer for dry sensitive skin?

How do you choose a best face moisturizer for dry sensitive skin?

For making the skin smooth, hydrated and comfortable people frequently take facial treatment and skincare measurements. 

For taking skincare measurements, they maintain a daily routine. This is the best way to protect your skin from dryness, tightness and other complications.

For removing dryness, moisturizers are widely used and effective. There are a lot of moisturizers available in the market. Although moisturizes are of various types, one is good for dry skin, one for oily, one for normal, one for dry sensitive skin and much more.

So, which one is perfect for you depends on your skin type. We discuss today about sensitive skin and treatment.      

Sensitive dry skin:     

When the skin’s protective barrier fails to prevent excessive evaporation of water from the skin, it becomes dry. Dryness is irritating and uncomfortable. Sensitivity is the condition characterized by hyperreactivity to environmental factors and to chemicals, dyes, dust.

You can know your skin is sensitive by following some signs:

  • your skin reacts easily with weather change and more prone to inflammation.
  • sensitive to UV rays and under sunlight skin becomes red and the presence of red patches on your cheeks.
  • very much prone to rash.           

It will react with new products applied to your skin and have allergic reactions with numerous ingredients.

When a new moisturizer or cream is applied over your skin, it may have adverse effects on the skin. After such exaggerated reactions, your skin becomes excessively dry, red, itching and tight. Some ingredients are very much allergic, try to avoid those ingredients containing product.


Sensitivity has no direct treatment but awareness will help you. Though more ingredients containing cream is more nourishing for the skin but for sensitive skin, more ingredients containing product is more reactive and not useful. So, before using a new product you must know about its ingredients and their specific allergic effects and other effects for sensitive skin.

Before start using a new moisturizer, Your should careful of these things:

  • Choose a moisturizer that consists of fewer ingredients.   
  • Avoid choosing a moisturizer that contains colors and perfumes. These are allergic and have adverse effects.
  • The thick creams are not good because they contain lanolin, wax, shea butter, fragrance. These ingredients may clog the pores and form acne. So,light-weight cream is helpful in this case.
  • Do not use Too much alcohol-containing creams. Because they dry your skin.    
  • For a new product, use it firstly on your hand and observe if it is comfortable or not?
  • If you find it is comfortable, then use it on your face. If not, don’t use it.


  • Avoid harsh cosmetics and nail polishes.
  • Powder cosmetics can be used.                
  • Light-weight and fewer ingredients containing moisturizers are recommended.                                             

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